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Looking for Musicians for Your Child?

Once you, dear parents, have noticed that your child shows musical talent, you should be looking for musicians for your undoubtedly talented child. This is what we will be discussing about today.

Parents who do not have even basic musical education always have a lot of difficulties in looking for musicians for their children. Moms and dads who took music lessons as children find it a little easier to cope with this issue. Even then, I am not sure whether they know or remember what criteria their own parents considered when looking for musicians for them when they were children.

So, have you recently noticed that your child is quick to learn not only the words but also the melodies of songs? And he or she has the ability to exactly replicate your favourite tune (you can easily recognize it)...? Congratulations! This is one of the first serious signals to ensure that your child has a wonderful ear for music.

Now look carefully at your child’s movements when he is dancing to the music. If the rhythm of his movements clearly coincides with the rhythm of the music that is being played, or even better, his body represents something in the form of rhythmic fantasy– he is on the highway to the wonderful world of music.

The better your child's musical ability, the better should be the professionalism of his music teacher.

Unfortunately, in a short article it is impossible to present all the details of how you should be looking for musicians for your child. Here I will give only a little information about it.

The first thing you should know is that you should be looking for musicians not just on special subjects they teach (like violin, piano, clarinet and so on), but also on their ability to work with children of different ages.

For example, some teachers love to teach kids 4-6 years old and absolutely do not know how to work with teenagers. Some others are fine working with teenagers as they strike a common chord with them, but they cannot stand the messing around of young musicians.

This suggests that all these teachers, in the first place, have experience working with a particular age group of students. This experience (and special knowledge) gives them a superior advantage in knowing the psychological characteristics of that particular age group of children.

So first of all, dear parents, at the moment when you are looking for musicians for your child, you should at least ask the age group of students that they are comfortable with. (Some music teachers will not hesitate working with children of all ages).

The next very important point is– the professionalism of the music teachers. Which of the following two do you think is of more importance in a music teacher — being a good musician or being a good teacher? We'll discuss about this in one of our next articles.


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